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Why sponsor a hackathon?


Our hackathon presents a unique opportunity for your company to network with the best high school programmers and engineers. EnviroHacks collects resumes and detailed programming backgrounds from all participants. As a sponsor, you will have access to this information, as well as the contact information for each participant. We encourage all sponsors to send mentors to the event for face-to-face networking and recruitment.


As a sponsor, you will have a unique opportunity for direct publicity to a hard to reach type of audience. Are you searching for beta testers? New interns? New customers? Come to EnviroHacks and meet some! Need feedback on your API? Sponsor a prize for participants who use it in creative ways. Do you want your company to be known by the future of computing? Distribute your company shirt to participants, or become a sponsor and put your logo on our complementary EnviroHacks tees. If your goal is exposure, EnviroHacks has your back.


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