For Students

Thank you for your interest in EnviroHacks. EnviroHacks is a great opportunity for students to network and showcase their programming and entrepreneurial abilities. There will also be tech companies present at the event distributing cool promotional material, such as free bitcoin courtesy of BitStop, and even recruiting interns! EnviroHacks takes place at the start of Mimi’s tech district, Wynwood.

Students will be asked to collaborate with their teams to develop a project that promotes environmental awareness. This can be a website, a video game, an app, or any other software you can come up with! Just remember, you’ll only have eight hours to create your projects before having them judged. All participating teams must have a teacher present. While each school may have up to 3 teams participate, only one teacher is needed per team.

All students will also receive free access to Wolfram|One for for thirty days in order to develop their project. Wolfram|One includes both Desktop and Cloud access, full access to the Wolfram Language and Knowledgebase, FreeCDF Deployment, 5000 Wolfram|Alpha API calls, 5000 Cloud Credits, 2 installations per user and 2 GB of Cloud Storage.

Individual Student Registration

If you are unable to find a team within your school, student are welcome to fill out the form below and joina team on site

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The event

219 NW 20th St
Miami, FL

8:00 AM- 6:00 PM || March 16th, 2019